Sign Up Costs


Providers/Health Coach: $599.00 (Yearly Renewal Fee-$500)
-Includes Providers License, Providers Registration, Minister License

-Provider who work for/under a registered Turtle Island Healing Priory:
$199.00 (Yearly Renewal $150.00) Includes Providers Registration, Minister License

**Please note, if you are signing up under a
current Turtle Island Priory, you cannot work outside that Priory. If
you plan to offer services or sell products outside said Priory, you
will need to sign up as a provider on your own ($599.00).

Turtle Island Network is not currently offering any certifications or class instructions.
We will acknowledge any certificates, diplomas and accreditations submitted to TIN.



Provider with Healing Priory- $1599.00
-Yearly Renewal Fee-$500
-Includes Providers License, Providers Registration, Minister License and Business License

Already a Provider and wanting to add Healing Priory- $1100.00

Fees are adjusted automatically online as you fill out the application forms, based on the criteria that is entered. A total will be calculated before proceeding with payment for your review.

Refund Policy: Please note that if you are not approved for any reason, a full refund will be given. After approval, refunds are only considered within the first 90 days of approval and a written request must be submitted. After 90 days, no refunds will be given.